Institutional Effectiveness

Statement of Institutional Effectiveness

With the goal of trying to provide the best student learning outcome and to measure the effectiveness of Central Seminary’s education. Central tracks graduation rates and ministry placement to quantify the work of the seminary.

These numbers are affected by many circumstances unique to individual students including personal life situations such as family needs or financial constraints, that may prompt a student to stop their degree pursuit or slow the pace of their education. The following numbers, while not the full story of the work of the seminary, do indicate the work of the seminary.

Graduation Rate

The graduation rate measures the percentage of students whole enroll in a particular year and finish their degree in the normally allotted time. This differs for each degree program. Of those students who started the MDiv program fall of 2011, 50% graduated by the spring of 2017. For the class of 2016, our graduation rate was 100% as all of students who began in 2010 graduated by 2016.

Placement Rate

The placement rate measures the students success in job placement following graduation. Like the graduation rate, there are a number of student specific issues that affect this rate. Of the students who graduated in the spring of 2017 with their MDiv, 100% found placement in pastoral ministry. Concerning our 2016 graduating class, 80% found placement in pastoral ministry with 20% pursuing further education.