Master of Divinity

You feel called to Christian leadership, but the task seems daunting. Whether it is the public proclamation of the Word or a private meeting for counseling, you are not sure where to start. The best pastors, missionaries, and teachers that you have known have had wisdom, patience, skill in the Word, and humility. They are marked by their love of God. You have a vision of what you want to be, but you lack understanding of how to get there. How are you supposed to acquire these traits?

Consider the Master of Divinity degree. This is the core of everything that we do at Central. It is in this program that we seek to train leaders for local churches. You will gain proficiency in Greek and Hebrew which will prepare you for the exegesis that is the foundation of everything. Historical and systematic theology classes will inform your work in the text and connect you to centuries of believers who have gone before. Counseling courses will train you to appropriately apply the meaning of the text to life's problems. Pastoral theology will groom you to lead the way you ought.


The purpose of the Master of Divinity degree is to equip Christian leaders to handle the Scriptures skillfully and to love God rightly so that they may bring truth to others.


Applicants must hold a recognized four-year bachelors degree with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Applicants with a GPA greater than or equal to 2.0 but less than 2.5 will be accepted on probation. See Academic Discipline for more details.

Knowledge of the original biblical languages is essential and invaluable for educating students to preach and to teach confidently from the Scriptures. The student who is limited to the English text is somewhat deprived of a wealth of critical study aids. M.Div. students are expected to be able to perform exegetical work from the original languages; therefore, an emphasis is placed on those languages at Central Seminary. All students who have taken one or more years of Greek or one or more years of Hebrew must take a placement exam for that language. If a grade of B- or greater is received, the applicant will receive advanced standing credit. A maximum of 10 credits for Greek and 9 credits for Hebrew is allowed. Students are required to take at least one semester of Greek exegesis (NT 602) and one semester of Hebrew exegesis (OT 701) at Central Seminary.


A current copy of the student catalog can be found here.


Scripture and Interpretation (34 hours)

BI 571 2 Hermeneutics

NT 511 2 New Testament Introduction

NT 521/522 6 Greek Grammar

NT 531/532 4 Greek Syntax & Reading

NT 601/602 4 Greek Exegesis

OT 511 2 Old Testament Introduction

OT 501/502 6 Hebrew Grammar

OT 601/602 6 Hebrew Syntax, Reading, & Exegesis

ST 511 2 Research and Writing

Theology and Tradition (26 hours)

HT 501/502 4 Church History 1 & 2

HT 601 2 Baptist History

HT 602 2 Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism

NT 571 2 New Testament Biblical Theology 1

OT 672 2 Old Testament Biblical Theology 1

ST 551 2 Systematic Theology 1

ST 552 2 Systematic Theology 2

ST 651 2 Systematic Theology 3

ST 652 2 Systematic Theology 4

ST 701 2 Dispensations

ST 751 2 Systematic Theology 5

ST 752 2 Systematic Theology 6

Worldview and Culture (6 hours)

ME 501 2 Personal Evangelism

ME 601 2 Foundations of Missions

ST 822 2 Apologetics and Christian Worldview

Ministries and Practices (30 hours)

PT 501 2 Foundations of Biblical Counseling

PT 602 2 Homiletics

PT 701 2 Expository Preaching 1

PT 702 2 Expository Preaching 2

PT 703 2 Pastoral Theology

PT 726 0 Pastoral Internship Program

PT 750 0 Senior Seminar

_____ 20 Ministry Concentration*

*Students choose from one of five concentrations: Biblical Counseling, Biblical/Systematic Theology, Bible Exposition, Missions, or Pastoral Ministry.

Biblical Counseling Concentration (20 hours)

_____ 12 Counseling Electives

CO ___ 2 Counseling Internship

_____ 6 General Electives

Biblical/Systematic Theology Concentration (20 hours)

NT 572 2 New Testament Biblical Theology 2

NT 573 2 New Testament Biblical Theology 3

OT 672 2 Old Testament Biblical Theology 2

OT 673 2 Old Testament Biblical Theology 3

ST 823 2 Kingdom of God

PT 727 2 Pastoral Internship

_____ 8 General Electives

Bible Exposition (20 hours)

BI 544 2 Acts

BI 545 2 Romans

BI ___ 6 General Bible Exposition Electives

_____ 8 General Electives

PT 727 2 Pastoral Internship

Missions Concentration (20 hours)

_____ 8 Missions Electives

_____ 2 Missions Internship

_____ 10 General Electives

Pastoral Ministries Concentration (20 hours)

PT 704 2 Church Administration

PT 712 2 Expository Preaching 3

PT 727 2 Pastoral Internship

CO___ 4 Counseling Electives

_____ 10 General Electives