Kevin Bauder

Kevin Bauder

Research Professor of Systematic Theology

Kevin was born in Midland, Michigan. He received his primary education in Michigan public schools and his secondary education in central Iowa. He married Debra Wright, and has two children, Rachel and Joshua. His non-academic interests include outdoorsmanship, gunsmithing, and the shooting sports, as well as a love for the fine arts. Areas of academic pursuit include ecclesiological issues, Baptist history and polity, and the study of American fundamentalism and evangelicalism.


B.A., Faith Baptist Bible College

M.Div., Denver Baptist Theological Seminary

Th.M., Denver Baptist Theological Seminary

D.Min., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Ph.D., Systematic Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary

Online Lectures

Defense of Pretribulational Rapture


One in Hope and Doctrine, Regular Baptist Press (2014)

Baptist Distinctives, Regular Baptist Press (2012)

Heart, Soul, Might, (editor and contributor) Central Seminary Press (2012)

The Spectrum of Evangelicalism, (contributor) Zondervan (2011)

Evaluating the Da Vinci Phenomenon, Central Seminary Press (2006)

One Bible Only? Examining Exclusive Claims for the King James Bible, (editor) Kregel (2001)

Missions in a New Millennium, (contributor) Kregel (2000)

In the Nick of Time, weekly publication available online


Systematic Theology 1-6

Apologetics & Christian Worldview

Knowing and Loving God

Hermeneutics & Homiletics

Contemporary Theological Issues

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